Students at Fairleigh Dickinson University were responsible for this version of making over a home. They did it recently as members of a community group on campus called SLICE - Student Leaders In Community Entrepreneurship. It’s a student chapter of Healing Spaces, a Wayne based nonprofit organization that creates dream bedrooms for kids sick with cancer and other chronic illnesses. 
"We've been getting together weekly to coordinate fund raisers and generate awareness on and off campus" said Nereen Hassan, President, SLICE Team at FDU. "We have been in touch with local businesses to ask for donations. We also review the process and how it went overall, the week after the project. We are now working on a bulletin board on campus with pictures from our last project and recruiting volunteers to raise more awareness on campus. Unfortunately, we only got press release for the school newspaper. Our Public Relations Officer said he will work with us on the next project to get more media coverage since we will have more time to get in touch with different newspapers and news stations."

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