Our Events

Join Us on September 17, 2015 at Healing Spaces 8th Annual Golf Invitational

Friends of Healing Spaces! Please join us on September 17th for our 8th Annual Golf Invitational at North Shore Country Club. While the aim is to raise funds to create Dream Bedrooms for the children and families in need, they also serve another very important role in their lives.
It is a chance to bring together a passionate and committed group of individuals who connect "Straight from the Heart" and are driven to caring for those in our community who are truly in need.  Our events are varied and unique, offering everyone the opportunity to become involved in a way that supports the communities we serve and the individual child. 
There is a collective energy and healing spirit that come from individual sharing and caring.  Many of the children and families that we've assisted over the years join us at our Healing Spaces events.  It is a time for them to connect with other parents, share experiences and gain strength from the support of so many incredible individuals.  Take the time to care and connect by coming to experience one of these events!

New Projects

In 2014, Healing Spaces aims to create 8 Dream Room projects for children and families in need. 
The children and families we serve come to us through major hospitals and outpatient cancer care centers including Hackensack University Medical Center's - Tomorrows Children's Institute, Saint Barnabas Hospital, Morristown Memorial Children's Hospital, Newark Beth Israel Children's Hospital, Robert Wood Johnson Children's Hospital, North SHore LIJ - Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of NY, NYU Langone Medical Center, Albany Medical Center, and the Aflac Children's Hospital of Atlanta. 
For more information on how you can volunteer and participate in a project, email us at info@healingspaces.org.

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