Matt Dumoff, Co-Founder

In 2004, on a plane ride home from Utah, Matt came across an article about a 5 year old boy named John from Michigan. John was battling Leukemia and in order to save his life, he had to give up his left arm. Matt was just returning from a 4 day ski trip with his dad. The thought of having cancer... its affect on this young boy... and his family... really weighed on Matt. The seed was planted on that plane ride, and after he got home, it sprouted into a vision to “Bring Healing to the Home” for children fighting cancer and other serious illnesses from underprivileged families by creating Dream Bedrooms that enhance their spirit and quality of life.

Matt has actively served in the following roles:

Project Management: Lead and organize dream bedroom projects from pursuing application leads to managing the finished product

Customer Relationship Management: Building and maintaining important relationships with corporate sponsors and partners.

Event planning: Work as a member of our annual Golf Outing committee making cold calls to gain sponsorships and networking to recruit foursomes.

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