Mark Dumoff - Co-Founder & President

In 2004, Mark, his 12 year old son Matt and 15 year old daughter Sarah, were touched by a magazine article about a little boy fighting cancer who had received a bedroom makeover to brighten up his young life. The compelling story of this boy's struggle inspired the Dumoff Family to start Healing Spaces in 2005 with a vision to actively make a positive difference in the lives of those in need within the community and to expand this service nationally.  The Dumoffs are long time residents of Wayne, New Jersey.
Mark is also the Founder & CEO of DocInsight, a healthcare innovation technology development & software services company.  His passion for empowering consumers and improving healthcare through quality measurement and better communication drives his vision.  He brings over 30 years of leadership, innovation, business development and technology to the company.  His strategy and execution skills have fueled successful business ventures at Bowne & Co., RR Donnelly/Moore Corp. and General Electric.
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