We Bring Healing To The Home

A child is nominated to Healing Spaces by the Director of Social Services and Child Life Specialists of the Pediatric Hospital partners we serve.  After reviewing the new child referral form submitted by the hospital, Healing Spaces contacts the family to explore the possibility of providing them our service and seeks their assistance in completing a child profile. This enables us to better understand the impact of the child's illness and the family's situation from a physical, emotional and environmental perspective.

Once a determination has been made to approve and proceed with a project, our Project Manager and staff Interior Designer assemble a Project Team of skilled volunteers who will create the Healing Spaces Dream Bedroom for that child. Depending on the circumstances, we often provide a mini-makeover for the child's older or younger sibling(s). 
A project will cost up to $5,000 and usually occurs over a 3-day weekend only.  Beginning early Friday morning through mid-day Sunday is our window of opportunity to transform a child's life.  The family leaves their home and we arrange for accommodations through one of our select hotel partners which include the Short Hills Hilton Hotel, Marriott Hotels at Teaneck and Newark Airport, and The Holiday Inn at Secaucus.  
Many hands go into the creation of a Dream Bedroom!  It is our opportunity to not only give back to our community but impact a child's and their family's life in a very positive way.  There are many scientific studies that support the importance of a space that reflects a child's likes and wishes and the ability of our bodies to heal faster because of that!    
This is the making of a Healing Spaces Dream Bedroom and how We Bring Healing to the Home

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